Best Croatian Wines & Hotels tour

BUS TOURS / relaxed / guided

  • 5 days / 4 nights
  • Opatija, Rovinj
  • Croatia
  • Design Hotel Lone, Hotel Ambasador


  • enjoy Plešivica, Istria and Island Krk wines
  • stay in top 5* hotels
  • visit Opatija, Rovinj and inner Istria
from - EUR per person

If you’re wondering what delicacies await you on your visit to Croatia, you’ve come to the right place.

If you like to travel and taste wines, why not indulge in discovering Croatian beauty and taste the best Croatian wines in the most famous wineries.

Croatia isn’t perhaps all that well known for its wines, but we put that down to people simply not having much of an opportunity to taste them outside of Croatia.

Discover the charms of Pleševica, visit Opatija “queen of the Adriatic”, the most romantic city in Europe. Enjoy the island of Krk, Bisrujuka cave and the town of Motovun. Visit Hum, the smallest city in the world, have a trip to Rovinj and the city of Novigrad.

Visiting the best wineries in the area and discovering their tradition – Ivančić Griffin Winery (Pleševica), Katunar Winery (Island Krk), Moreno Ivančić Winery (Novigrad).

Stay overnight in luxury five star hotels; Ambasador Hotel in Opatija and Hotel Lone in Rovinj.

Croatia food and wine is your way to the world of authentic flavours and tastes of Croatia.

The wine tour begins with a visit to Mount Plešivica and Krešimir Ivančić Griffin Winery. The Plešivica is a wine-growing sub-region, and like most winemakers on the southern slopes of the Samobor Mountains, the Ivančić Griffin winery has many vineyards because the vineyards are small and heavily scattered. The specificity of Ivančić vineyards is that most of them are located on the slopes covered with more than 2,200 hours of sunshine a year, which is almost one fifth more than the average on the continent, and it is located at 400 meters above sea level. Today, the Ivančić Winery has 9 labels in its line including 5 sparkling wines, 3 white wines and 1 red wine. Winery produces about 25,000 bottles a year and sells everything in restaurants, wine tasting rooms and at the doorstep. There is already a reservation list for this year’s vintage. After the tasting, our next checkpoint is the Ambasador (5*) Hotel in Opatija where rich buffet dinner awaits us.

After breakfast, a guided tour of Opatija, the “Queen of the Adriatic”, is scheduled. Opatija is a charming coastal town, rich in history and culture, an oasis of many beautiful locations, monuments, colorful parks and idyllic villas. Get to know the charm of the inevitable “Street of Fame” and everyone’s favourite cove called Portić, and take pictures with the famous “Girl with a Seagull”. A bus ride to Kastav follows, sightseeing and walking, fish lunch, and return to the hotel.

This day is marked by the island of Krk and our first stop after breakfast is the town of Krk. After sightseeing the town of Krk, we travel about twenty kilometers to the Biserujka cave. The cave is decorated for tourists and is characterized by a wealth of cave decorations – calcite sigas, especially columns and stalactites. A half-hour drive follows to the highlight of the day – a visit to the Katunar Winery. The island of Krk and the Croatian coast has a thousand-year tradition in the production of wines and sparkling wines. The evidence in the land register entries as well as the one of the older wine archives on the island prove the hundred year old winemaking tradition of the Katunar family, which blossomed in the 90s of the past century. The wine production of the ESTATE WINERY relies mainly on own grapes, because the Katunar family owns over 200.000 vines at two locations: in the Vrbnik field and in the basin of Baška. The winery, where the processing of the grapes, storage and filling in bottles is done, is located at the edge of the Vrbnik field. After the tasting and lunch, we return to the hotel in Opatija.

In the morning after the breakfast, we check-out from the Hotel Ambasador and we travel to the town of Motovun whose history begins before Roman times. The beautiful town is made up of two rings of wall fortifications between which is the outer city square. In the square, next to the inner door, is a 17th-century town loggia, a beautiful vista of the countryside. Visit to town of Motovun is followed by a traditional Istrian lunch at the Kolinasi Tavern, where we can try “maneštra” with corn, “fuži” with truffles, gnocchi with veal. Of course, a mistletoe-schnaps and dessert are a must. Afterwards, we visit Hum – the smallest city in the world, have a trip to Rovinj and a check-in to the Hotel Lone.

Breakfast will be followed by a guided tour of the city of Rovinj and a visit to Moreno Ivančić winery – a traditional winery in a modern style. It is located in the city of Novigrad, near the city center. The Ivančić family has always produced wine, but son Moreno breathed new life and passion into the production, which became the key to modern wine production. “Tradition in a modern way” is the motto of Ivančić’s wine cellar. Generations change, but the passion, love and quality of the wine grows year after year. The main task for the family Ivančić is the highlighting and appreciation of the characteristic wine taste of the territory. The offer of high quality, but limited wines, the unique commitment to each wine bottle, the personal approach of each guest and wine lover, the hospitality of the hosts and the traditional Istrian-style tasting room makes the visit to boutique winery Moreno Ivančić an unforgettable experience when visiting city of Novigrad. This wine tasting also resembles a relaxing end of this wine tour.

If wanted, we can offer you an extra overnight stay in 5* hotel in Rovinj or Opatija for the price of 60,00 EUR per person per night with half board incl.

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