We are your trusted B2B partner that excels at crafting the best, most accurately customized offer for your travel agency or company. 

Over the years, we have methodically built a broad portfolio of contracted hotels, transport companies, guides, restaurants, tasting locations, and destination attractions. As a result of this long-term commitment to the industry, there is nothing you couldn’t ask us for to ensure your customers are entirely content. 

If you are looking for a partner with all the solutions you need at your destination, you’ve just found one! We will organize your program and connect you with all the parts of your package deal. We know how to make package arrangements quickly, efficiently, and with the minimal costs possible.

We stand out for our expertise combining the best offers from the Croatia, Czech and Slovenia markets. Therefore, we guarantee a tailored choice of the finest accommodation resources, tasting experiences, natural landmarks, and historical sites from these regions. We are an accomplished creator of tourism products in multiple markets. We are successful in connecting tourism supply and demand at best-value prices. 

Being backed by years of industry experience, we mastered solving every challenge related to the destination, hotels, or excursions. We are there for you, and we know what we are doing! 

We prioritize building and maintaining long-term business partnerships. When we start working with you, we will commit ourselves to maintain this partnership and ensure you are always satisfied with our service. 

Let’s collaborate! 

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