Island Pag

Island Pag

Pag “Stone Island” or “Moon Island” offers preserved cultural monuments, gourmet specialties and different, magical stone landscapes, bordered by a sky-blue sea, almost nestled under Mount Velebit’s imposing presence. One of the sunniest Adriatic islands, with over 2,500 hours of sunshine per year. Among the Adriatic’s over 1,000 islands, Pag stands out, for its stony exterior conceals the wealth created over the centuries by the sturdy hands of its hard-working denizens. Pag is truly worth visiting, to discover and savour its many facets.

Much of the most intriguing sights around Pag island are actually underwater. A submerged Roman town near the town of Caska tells a story similar to the legend of Atlantis. The wreck of a merchant ship from around the turn of the first millennium will fascinate visitors to the Town Museum in Novalja. Pag is also the island of salt, where the traditional cultivation method is still used – clay pans are washed over by the sea, which evaporates in the sunlight, leaving a residue of salt in the bottom. Not far from Novalja, the beautiful Zrće beach becomes a “factory of fun” in the summer. Beachfront clubs house festivals and welcome the biggest names in club music.

One of the most unique islands in the Adriatic, offers its visitors a dose of fun and adventure, tranquillity and peace. Spirits from the past intermingle with the nightclubs of tomorrow, the outlandishness goes hand-in-hand with the most ordinary pleasures of the countless miles of surf.

population: 7,969
Zadar->Island Pag: 59km
Rijeka->Island Pag: 141km
Zagreb->Island Pag: 312km

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