Hotel Pinija

Hotel Pinija

The Hotel Pinija (4*) was built in 1970 on a natural peninsula, in a pinewood after which it acquired its name. It soon became quite known among domestic and foreign guests due to its quality offer of hotel facilities and beaches.
Located in the small and charming, the prettiest part of the picturesque village of Petrčane, small Mediterranean locality not far from Zadar. Hotel Pinija is surrounded by fragrant pine woods, with a pebbly-rocky beach, protected from winds and high waves. Its unique position on a natural peninsula makes it the ideal choice for vacation and recreation.

During your stay at Hotel Pinija, there are a number of services and facilities at your disposal that will complement your stay and make it even more enjoyable and interesting. Experience the magic of the Mediterranean and enjoy the gastronomic specialties, based on Croatian, Dalmatian and international cuisine. Enjoy in the fusion of gentle scents and relaxing music, provided by a modern spa center that offers ample content and an indoor and outdoor pool.
In addition to tennis that you can play, you can also play minigolf, beach volleyball or rent a bike and go exploring. While jetskiing or parasailing, you will experience the sea in a whole new way

Zadar centre: 12km
sea: 50m



Zadar is an ancient city, built in the centre of the Croatian Adriatic, full of historical and cultural monuments. It is three thousand years old, a city of old, tumultuous and dynamic history, often destructed, looted, devastated, every time emerging from the ruins stronger, richer and more beautiful. Zadar is a city rich in spiritual […]
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