Island Rab

Island Rab

The island of Rab, located in the Kvarner Bay in the northern Adriatic, is a true paradise for nature lovers and authentic island atmosphere. His beauty was recognised by ancient Romans, called it Felix Arba or “The Happy Island of Rab”.

The marvelous nature of the island is adorned with twenty-two sandy beaches on Lopar peninsula, the most famous among them is the mile-long Rajska plaža (Paradise beach), and the lavish flora of the island has been preserved to the present day, and is considered to be one of the greenest islands on the Adriatic. Of particular note are the Komrčar park, one of the Adriatic’s most beautiful green oases, where homegrown and exotic plants grow in symbiosis, and Kalifront, a large forest complex which also “hosts” the protected natural reserve Dundo.

The highest rocky peak Kamenjak provides a fantastic view of Rab, the nearby islands and mountains. The enchanting town of Rab is recognisable by its four bell towers and medieval walls. This is the main centre of the island, and its streets and squares entice visitors to explore its rich culture and history.

Rab is full of tradition and a special place in the calendar is occupied by the “Rabska fjera” in the period from 25. to 27. July, the streets of Rab becoming the stage of a medieval festival, where craftsmen display their skills and exhibit traditional products, crossbowmen compete in target shooting, and visitors enjoy the excellent program and the wealth of content on offer.

population: 9,480
Rijeka->Island Rab: 93km
Zagreb->Island Rab: 220km
Ljubljana->Island Rab: 205km

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